Quality assurance

Quality understood as a business procedure oriented towards customer satisfaction, this is the fundamental requirement of General Management. Staff participation, process methods, continuous improvements, risk analysis, statistical monitoring, multidisciplinary, products/process/system audits, dissemination of results and targets, development plans for suppliers are integrated methods used to analyze procedures, expand skills, responsiveness and foresight of the entire system.

A modern laboratory for mechanical tests, surface analysis and functional tests, metrological rooms dedicated for every production department, data collection and industry oriented management system 4.0 for process control are the tools that sustain the management of the quality system. Knowledge of the usage of each product, comprehension of clients requirements, studies on materials, development and internal production of procedures, annual re-qualifications, problem solving are the know how to provide the best service.

Research and laboratory

  • Fatique tests
  • Tensile tests
  • Hardness tests HV, HRC, HB
  • Checking the thickness of coatings with X-rays
  • Measuring checks also 3D
  • Dedicated testing for specific product quality

Independent laboratories or University research centres are used for certified tests.

A modern laboratory and the use of constant up to date technology are the basis of Cappeller’s production process.

Certificates of quality
Cappeller Spa

ISO 9001:2015
IATF 16949:2016
ISO 14001:2015

Certificates of quality

ISO 9001:2015
IATF 16949:2016