Cappeller is increasingly sustainable

L#Sustainability is not a slogan, but a process of continuous improvement. The path that we at #CappellerSpASB have decided to take to make our company increasingly sustainable does not stop. And the results are visible. The commitment to reduce #greenhousegas emissions (#Carbonfootprint) has in fact led us to the achievement in only 3 years of the goal we set ourselves to achieve in 5: we have reduced by over 80% the tons of equivalent #CO2 produced. In particular, we have gone from 1,185 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions produced by our production activity (335 of direct emissions and 849 of indirect emissions) in 2019 to 256 tons in 2022 (256 of direct emissions and no indirect emissions): a reduction equal exactly to 80%. Analyzing the data in relation to the turnover, there has been a transition from a value of 42.5 tCO2/Mln in 2019 to a value of 6.852 tCO2/Mln in 2022 with an 83% reduction in emissions indexed to turnover. There are many and different actions put in place to reach this result: from the replacement of fixtures to the choice to offset greenhouse gas emissions through additional climate protection projects, such as through the partnership with #KonicaMinolta. It is thanks to everyone's sensitivity that we are achieving these goals, which have also found recognition in receiving - for the second consecutive year -the "#EcolDesignAward", the award for excellence in the green field assigned by RECYCLA S.P.A.. Therefore, we thank all of our collaborators, suppliers, customers and partners who have accepted this challenge for the future with us! CAPPELLER SpA SB, More than an Industry.